chaotic prolixity

you’re brighter than me
a sun in a sky blocked by the leaves from the
trees on whose roots I sit contemplating
whatever it is in you that I see
burning through the sun bleached branches
you reach my eyes and I’m speechless
life is so much bigger than this, than either of us
if we’re blind to that, we can never learn to trust
searching through the fallen buds for blossoms
finding instead stagnant water stained with rust
the ground will heal
the tree will grow
the rust absorbed
the blossoms show
if we’re in this it’s together, if we aren’t we’ll never know

5 thoughts on “chaotic prolixity

  1. GOD DAMN THIS COMPUTER!! what i meant to write is ‘sorry i wrote the first one under Mom’s name’ Hopefully you can erase all the damn mess-ups…

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