The Self-Righteous Blogger

The Self-Righteous Blogger

I’ve been trying to be entertaining for weeks now, guys, and it isn’t happening. So I asked around, and got some valuable, honest, and hard-to-hear feedback from three writers who I respect as both artists and humans.

(Which is saying something, since we all know most artists aren’t human, and most humans aren’t respectable).

But I took what they had to say to heart, and then sat down at my keyboard, inspired and refreshed, ready to carve out a witty, intelligent, intriguing gold nugget of blogging history.

I failed.

Instead, I made a meme photo series of myself. If your never-ending struggle experience with blogging is anything like mine (I hope for your fucking sake it isn’t), then maybe you can relate to some of these.

Even better, maybe you can add your own? Because if we can’t make fun of ourselves, then what the hell are we doing in the blogosphere, kids?

Anyhow, without further ado, I introduce to you my greatest contribution to the interwebs in my 23 years of spelunking about this cave called life…

Self-Righteous Blogger” meme!

Let’s keep this party raging, little loves. What other rut can we drag the Self-Righteous Blogger through?

20 thoughts on “The Self-Righteous Blogger

    1. Dude, come on. Throw “cats” in the searchbar on my page; it’ll likely give you four-billion results.
      This may be a total lie.
      I think I WANT to post about cats more than I actually resort to doing it… See my comment to Kristen, above.

    1. I had Comeau in mind for a bit when putting this together! But didn’t execute nearly as well…
      As for sounding hip, totally. That’s what this shit is all about, afterall.
      I appreciate the visit 🙂

    1. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve considerer forsaking ChaoticProlixity and replacing it with a cats-only blog. STILL CONSIDERING IT!

  1. “Blogs about politics…isn’t registered to vote.” Hey, as far as I’m concerned, it’s the voters who always get us in trouble. And have you watched CNN lately? I mean, for God’s sake, they spent 1-1/2 hours talking about the upcoming debate and what each man was going to say and why, then they covered the debate itself, then they spent another hour or two talking about what the debaters had or hadn’t said or meant or done. I’m never gonna watch CNN again. Those jerks aren’t any better at guessing what’s gonna happen than Fox. Oh God, did I just say that? …If one more person asks me if I voted and then gives me that damned self-righteous spiel about how, if all those who didn’t vote WOULD vote, everything would be better and their candidate would win (howthehell do they know their candidate will win? If I did vote, it would be for Millard Fillmore. Oh, wait, he’s dead. Well, hey, could that be any worse than any living candidate? ……uh, sorry, my self-inflating podium just self-inflated. Kinda like the political types. So this should have been a post instead of a comment. Sorry. But I think your post was right on and funny and you should keep on keeping on. I, too, have a BA in Creative Wnting. Oh, and English. But then no one cares anything about English anymore, do they? You know how they always say when the world gives you lemons make lemonade? I say, when the world gives you rejection slips paper your office with them. Keep on going, m’lady. It–and you–are all right!

    1. I think they say when you unintentionally get pregnant make lemonade – but otherwise great post! I mean comment…

    2. I think English doesn’t care about itself, so I find it hard to respect it. Or something like that? And life keeps giving me fucking lemons! But I love lemons, man, and I say, “Fuck you, life, nice try.” Your post/comment (pomment? sounds like a pomegranate-comet) is much appreciated, I love new faces/ voices/ typers/ whatevers all up in my shit!

  2. I lolled in my broody kind of silence, reading this made me chuckle on the inside…I mean, I need coffee is what I’m saying.

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