Etymol-Oh, gee!

As someone who frequently entangles herself in an unhealthy amount of retrospective thought, I Googled took it upon myself to extensively delve into the word and discover its antonyms.

The sage which I’ll neither confirm nor deny to be tagged forethought, prophecy, and prospect as retrospect’s antonyms.

Forethought doesn’t fit the metaphorical bill. Forethought is for ninnies, suckers, tools, fools, and not-too-cools– all of which I’m generally never more than one or two, simultaneously, I guess.

To give something forethought is to kill its potential. Had I given forethought to up and leaving Massachusetts two years ago, I would have probably concluded that I’d be too lonely, too overwhelmed, and too broke within the first few months to ever even truly tread the water of a cross-country move.

Forethought would have pulled my intentions toward a Much More Sensible degree like accounting, marketing, or really any noun ending in -ing (excepting painting and miming).

Forethought persuades you to get on the merry-go-round instead of the roller coaster; choose vanilla instead of triple-berry-choco-rocko-your-world-swirled-caramel-delight; date Guy With Good Job instead of Guy With Good Heart. Forethought sucks.

Prophecy is likewise ridiculous, but thrown way out into the deeply murky, opposing, but similarly dangerous waters as forethought.

Prophecy is to forethought as Tea Party is to Burning Man. Both are crazy; both involve drugs; both are for rich Princeton grads whose parents weren’t generally interested in having children.

I’m not a religious lady, so the closest I’ve ever stumbled into prophesying is when I downloaded a Magic 8 Ball app to determine whether a guy was going to call me back after a few days of radio silence.

(I’ll neither confirm nor deny that this occurred within the past three years)

(Or two)

(It was about a year ago)

In sum, prophesying is about as effective as thinking retrospectively, which is not effective at all.

The Internet therefore struck out on pitch one and two in the game of Name that Antonym, but at the risk of mixing my sports metaphors, that fool pulled a Hail Mary when it tossed in prospect.

Forethought is for nerds; prophesy is for weirdos, but prospecting is for mid-nineteenth century gold miners people who grab life by the yuckies, pull themselves up by the butt craps, gamble on an unlikely win, do stuff that’s good and sometimes even come out on top.

A prospect isn’t a promise, it’s a hope; it’s not a prediction, it’s a goal; prospects are positive plans with foggy outlines but clearly defined motivation.

One thought on “Etymol-Oh, gee!

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    Orang-orang terkaya di dunia, mencari dan membangun JARINGAN. Orang-orang lainnya, hanya sekedar mencari PEKERJAAN. (Robert T. Kiyosaki)
    Bila bisnis anda tidak hadir di dunia internet, maka anda akan kehilangan bisnis anda. (Bill Gates Microsoft) Sukses Selalu Bersama:

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