Blogging is Terriffying

Top ten reasons I don’t write in my blog frequently:

  1. Don’t know what to write about
  2. Lack of inspiration
  3. All my ideas are bad
  4. Embarrassed
  5. Don’t want to let my mom down
  6. Usually too drunk
  7. Don’t want to let my mom down by how drunk I usually am
  8. Everything I write is depressing
  9. Everything I write is weird
  10. Honestly? Lazy

Top ten reasons people read my blog:

  1. They are my mom
  2. Google brought them here accidentally when they were searching for scary stuff, and they’re stupid and think terrifying actually has two ‘f’s in it
  3. through 10. see reason #2

Blogging goals:

  1. Post something every day for the next week
  2. Don’t blow it

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