Feel the Simmer

Correction (or whatever – I’m not a journalist, I don’t know what this is technically called; however, it’s been a day and I don’t want to delete this post – because that’s disingenuous – but I do need to clarify my position):

It seems as though I didn’t give myself enough time to process what I attempted to articulate in this post and I now realize that I disagree with what I’ve said here, or at least what it sounds like I’m implying – or misunderstandingThere’s a lot I don’t know about the world, and that’s always going to be true.

What I do know is that I’m terrified of Donald Trump and wary of supporting a minor party candidate because, historically, that only detracts from the better of the major runners’ votes and puts the worse option in office.

I don’t want to vote for Hillary, and I’m sick that we’re essentially stuck between a guillotine and a plank, since American’s behavior toward one another has recently been as barbaric as either means of demise.

I guess what I’m saying is I tried to serve you bad fruit in this post – more on that here – and I refuse to act like that never happened, but hope you’ll excuse me as I… clean it up.

Original post:

When Bernie endorsed Hillary earlier this week, my heart felt stale. I’ve loved Sanders since before his bid for president began, and watching him scrape and scrabble his way to the front lines of a revolution he himself ignited was, and will perhaps remain forever, the most awe- and hope-inspiring political battle I’ve witnessed in my life. But knowing that he had truly, finally, given up this term’s bid didn’t make me feel the Bern any less. It isn’t what sucked the sap from my chest and left me teetering on the tip of hopelessness.

What wrung me dry were the reactions from friends and family who, like  me, love Bernie, and, like me, hold varying degrees of wariness toward Clinton.

I believe that Bernie Sanders is the American Dream, and for an enormous population of America – the majority, if our country’s electoral system were as honest as Sanders –  believes he is the politician this country needs today, right now, more than anything else.

He is.

When he supported Clinton, he may have given up any remaining stake he was claiming toward candidacy in 2016, but he didn’t give up on us. Donald Trump can never be allowed to lead this country; I’ve said it before and although I’ll engage in a discussion with those who disagree I will never waver in that position. Trump is a racist, ignorant, narcissist who will tear what’s left of our integrity and economy to pieces. I know this, you know this, and Bernie knows this.

He also knows that the only way to achieve what he’s devoted his life to is by keeping Donald Trump out of the Oval Office. Right now, the only way to possibly do that is Hillary Clinton.

The President is not a dictator; at least, Hillary Clinton would not be a dictator if elected president. Many people around her would have a significant influence on the decisions she makes and positions she takes.

And you know what probably places you within President’s sphere of influence? Endorsing her.

Refusing to vote for Hillary will put Trump in office, but it will also make those who jumped from Bernie’s ship when he joined her armada exactly as bad as Trump. How can you rally behind someone who wants to build a society where everyone works together to support one another, then bail on him when he supports a previous opponent in the interest of working together toward a better society?

I’m heartbroken that Bernie won’t be our leader for the next four years, but I believe in his ideas more than his name and it’s those ideas – and the person who can help realize them – that I’ll vote for. Our country needs a political revolution, an overhaul of our corrupt system that bars brilliant leaders like Sanders from ascending to the top, but progress – true, permanent, and productive progress – takes time, and takes more than one person.



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