60/40 Ain’t So Bad

My car’s low tire pressure light blinked on the other day and I actually fixed it last night. I say “actually” because, historically, I’d ignore a minor dashboard alert until it either went away or became a disaster, with results usually averaging about 60/40, respectively.

I’m happy with that average.

I’m also happy with the fact that I was (almost) proactive about getting to the gas station to put air in my tire. Plus, when I pulled up to the air pump after work yesterday, the compressor was already on so I saved myself $1.50 in quarters. And then at Target immediately afterwards, I bought groceries that make sense (instead of the usual Lunchables and ice cream) and only one candle, and new place mats and some brie. And expensive chocolate that I ate too quickly so I had a horrible stomachache driving home. The entire experience was yet another 6 out of 10.

In fact, my whole life seems to be sitting at a cozy 60%, but in terms of, like, political popularity (can you imagine a world where a candidate had 60% of the country on their side?! Or even 40%?! Or even any percent, since apparently no one except garbage cans and bags of rice are voting in this election?!). Anyways, I mean 60% in terms of something like that, where being above the 50% mark is considered a victory. Or at least a manageable non-failure.

6 to 4 doesn’t just feel manageable though; it seems like the perfect balance. For instance, lately I spend about 40 % of my weekend getting work done to prepare for the week, and 60% going on barefoot hikes around Buddhist retreats in Santa Cruz or wandering around flea markets and finding treasures or just laying in bed being a slob. Pretty solid.

And in terms of my writing, 60% of what I come up with is comprehensible, with 40% landing in the “enjoyable enough to actually read” category. Since I’m not trying to be Sylvia Plath over here I’m not that ashamed of the fact that my blog has essentially turned into a barrage of “eat, pray, shove some off-kilter emotional adage down your throat.” Because odds are that 3 out of 5 of those adages are palatable, and one or two might eventually contain some grain of truth. So I’ll keep trying. Worst case? I remain slightly above par, which – as I said forty times before – is cool by me.


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