Fake Wood Walls

In my world, there was strawberry milk
and I don’t remember what else, but it was a magical place
so I was told. Because in spite
of inventing that world
within the fake wood walls of the house with a floor of sand
and dinosaur eggs blossoming from trees out back,
it was not up to me to define that world.
Creators never can.
It was a child’s nightmare, a fantastical place hidden in a dark
crevice, where the uneven seam of the fake wood walls
and How Cute the Little Girl with a World in the Walls must be
oh how sweet is she, inside her fake wood walls
with her strawberry milk, but I hated milk
I hated flavored syrup, I hated that sand floor and the dinosaur eggs
What if they hatched, after all? Where does a little girl go
when the dinosaurs incubating in the roots out back of her mother’s
post-divorce run-down rental hatch?
What use are fake wood walls with worlds within when
something so strong it resists extinction is nesting
on the other side?
But how Cute this Girl with her strawberry milk world
and how little we need to worry about the thoughts in her curious, curly
after all
a Girl who makes worlds from darkness must be
enough to light her
own way

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