What Is Justice a question professed to a roomful of wolves whose
clean bloodthirst wrings only a modicum
of fright I’m awake and
brought back from the pendulous death of my own optimism tick tock
tick tock tick tock tick Look
up it is suffocating Who
can breathe in all this space Who can
keep all these answers organized as if one end ties to the
and gravity applies when running from bared incisors
Ignore the snarling sycophants their
long noses seek your stink They
will have you as their dinner when they please It
has nothing to do with you Today
I forgot how to
feel close to people and I
sat in silence to hear the growl of my
vicious proteges
hideous herd I heard the clouds
move instead I heard the bottom fall
out of above I heard from one side a murmur like love and from another
Have you ever been so lonely you turned inside
out just to spend time with the buggies in your belly Just to
thank them for staying with you Have you ever
realized they have no choice Have you ever seen how many
ways there are to ruin one life
Anything can unravel and ensnare itself on
indiscriminate forest trash Be careful
the pack lurks, the sky can’t contain Be careful
of staying down, never do Be careful and
know when to cut yourself loose

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