young, I suppose I was a sun-warmed stone
happily rolling, sure of always tumbling home
hard and hearty
softly rounded
entire and whole
and I know
I imploded at the end of youth
shattered as I adolesced
and became at least grown, at least as far as I’d yet known,
into a frosty jaded range,
beholden held and holy, wild, strange
but then
my little Galapagos, through you I came to know
I am no lonely mountain
no sad stone
I am you and you are the cadence of our cells, chimeric
and rising from my druthers you
muddy little dream
you explosion of molten magic you
are my rest evidenced, self-made providence
a reimagined rounding of my old broken edges
a reckoning
an everything
and connecting it all to the stardust we are
one little one
you keep me

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