I have never been excellent

I have never been excellent
And so this doesn’t have to make sense to me,
a bully in the habit of a victim
genuflecting at the altar of a martyr, I’m not even religious
I can’t believe in myself and I stare back
from the dirty mirror every morning scowling scorn Continue reading “I have never been excellent”

At Sea

I am ancient and know a time
when my thoughts were deep as half-evaporated puddles
it was then that I dreamt of tall ships’ sails and plunging submarines
No one taught me to trust what I couldn’t see
so I’d wake and curse the wetness of my cheeks, losing
a night’s wisdom,
spindrift kept suspended in the vacuum of sleep
where a pendulum couldn’t quiver
and I could never come back Continue reading “At Sea”


a million year old moment, smooth as a river rolled stone
hibernates under the nail of every one of ten toes and grows,
grows grows
stretches the flesh to a gossamer film across splintered bones
fills ankles calves tummy shoulders nose
until its polished edges – edges that don’t bluntly cut
or chafe, edges that are rounded with time and friction –
push ever outward from within, apply even, unrelenting pressure Continue reading “Shrapnel”