For the “Other” Kids

I spent the last seven days writing recommendation letters for a collection of incredibly accomplished young people. These students maintained 4.0 GPAs while battling multiple AP courses; they were all heavily involved in campus activities: presidents, captains, officers, starring players; the volunteered at churches and community centers; they taught yoga, or boxing, or swim lessons.

These are teenagers. Sixteen- and seventeen-year-old babies. Still, when I look at this sampling of America’s youth, I see future pediatricians and policy makers; groundbreaking journalists and gracious philanthropists; community leaders and compassionate family members.

Of course, not all students have such a repertoire of accomplishments for a teacher to rave about in a recommendation letter, and while a few of the letters I wrote embellished this accomplishment or that trait, none were a labor to write. However, there are certainly students whose faces come to mind when I ask myself the question,

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